The Ultimate Open Source ERP Solution

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Mobile App Development

We develop mobile apps and you need your own App! Over 80% of users are now accessing the internet using their smart phones. These mobile devices have evolved into very powerful computers capable of executing most tasks.

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Enterprise Business and Industry Solutions

Enterprise solutions have radically evolved in the past decade. One of the biggest nightmares in enterprises is integration of different business units which may be running different types of software systems. We bring Odoo with an All-in-one integrated solution. 

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Software Development

We can develop any custom designed software solution that is tailored to user specifications. We have great expertise in Cloud solutions and we have deployed systems on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and Google Cloud infrastructure  

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Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS is a must-have communication strategy in any organisation. The mobile phone is the most ubiquitous communication device in the world. Bulk SMS enables you to instantly reach out to all your customers or members at the click of a button, regardless of the fact that the customer's mobile phone is connected to the internet or not!

 To learn more about Bulk SMS and how you can also integrate Bulk SMS into any software system or website, visit our Bulk SMS portal:

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Integrated Tobacco Systems

We have been developing software systems in the tobacco industry from 2004. Over the years, we have developed solid solid solutions for sales processing including Auction Floor Management and Contract Floor Management. We have also developed tailored systems for Loan Management and Leaf Accounting. All these systems are integrated to provide a seamless solution for the Tobacco Industry! 

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